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Car Driving Simulator: Immersive behind-the-wheel-like experience - online

See what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat and make important, everyday road decisions from behind the wheel, not from behind a book. Watch the rules of the road in action as you explore various driving situations. Available exclusively on Driving-Tests.
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Interactive live-action videos

The road is full of hazards. Spot them as soon as they start to happen.

Hazard perception testing has been part of the licensing process and an important element of the official driving test in the United Kingdom and Australia for over a decade but hasn't been introduced to the U.S. public yet. The Hazard Perception Test measures a person's ability to observe the whole road scene, recognize potentially dangerous situations ("developing hazards") on the road, and respond safely and appropriately. Driving-Tests is the first company to bring this type of behind-the-wheel driver testing to the general public as a web-based product in the United States.

Realistic driving scenarios

The new gold standard
in at-home driver training

Learn how to handle real-life situations as if you were actually behind the wheel. Each simulation contains a number of scenarios and you must demonstrate your ability to recognize developing hazards, respond safely, and follow the rules of the road.

As COVID-19 safety concerns force driving schools to close, learning to drive is now more challenging than ever.

The online driving simulator allows you to experience as much of the actual driving in a safe and secure environment as possible. The interactive live-action videos provide you with a better understanding of the road and the rules of the road.

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Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

The Hazard Perception Car Driving Simulator is a completely new kind of driver’s test that incorporates a variety of behind-the-wheel situations and driving scenarios. It is not a multiple-choice test. There are no wrong answers, and there is no time limit on taking the test. In the Hazard Perception Driving Simulator, the driver is presented with video clips of real-world driving situations. The driver has to pay attention to what is happening in the scene, recognize the potential for danger, and then decide how to respond appropriately. We use videos of real traffic situations taken from the driver's perspective. As you watch the video, you'll see several "developing hazards". Your job is to spot them as soon as they start to happen.

What are the benefits?

The sooner you're aware of a developing hazard, the sooner you'll be able to respond. With practice, you'll be able to spot more hazards more quickly and respond faster, keeping you out of dangerous situations and reducing the risk of accidents. Because the test doesn’t rely on written instructions, it’s much more realistic than a multiple-choice test. And because the test presents live-action scenarios, it’s more like what the driver experiences in the real world than a multiple-choice test could ever be.

How does the scoring work?

You'll get points for spotting the developing hazards as soon as they start to happen. When you identify a hazard correctly, you'll see a frame around it and hear a sound. You don’t lose points if you click and get it wrong.

Who developed the program?

The Hazard Perception Car Driving Simulator was developed by Driving-Tests. We are the first company to bring this type of behind-the-wheel driver testing to general public as a web-based product in the United States. Video sources courtesy J Utah and our videographer team.

How is this different from other driver's education programs?

Driving is not just about knowing the rules of the road; it’s also about the ability to make quick decisions under pressure – your ability to recognize and respond to hazards on the road. Hazard Perception is more effective than traditional classroom-based driver's education programs because it trains your eyes and mind to react more quickly to developing hazards.

Are these real videos?

Driving-Tests uses live-action videos (not animation), so you can see the hazards in action. You receive immediate feedback. If you are wrong, you will immediately hear a sound. After each simulator, you can also see a replay of the video with the correct answers highlighted.

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