Worried About The Test? Keep calm with the

Driver's Test Anxiety Relief Audio Series

For many of us, the official driver's exam can be highly stressful. Even when you're fully prepared, you may still experience discomfort and emotional distress because of poor performance on a previous test. You may find it difficult to concentrate, or you may freeze up and miss even easy questions. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts (“I'm never any good at taking tests” or “It’ll be terrible if I do badly on this test”), give this audio series a try. It was expressly designed to prevent or minimize driver's test anxiety.

Recorded by Peggy Higgins Hamilton Yoga Institute, Founder and Director

Peggy has been teaching Yoga for over 47 years. She has taught classes for the Ontario Board of Education, the Department of Recreation, Chedoke Hospital, and McMaster University.

Peggy Higgins
1. Test Anxiety
Anxiety is about the future. About something that hasn't happened yet. In practicing the following exercise, you're changing your perspective of a future event.
3 min. 23 sec.
Peggy Higgins
2. Resources
In the following exercise, you will identify and gather resources from past positive experiences.
4 min. 04 sec.
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Peggy Higgins
3. Relaxation
The following is a short, effective relaxation for when you need to relax and refresh your body and mind in a limited timeframe.
7 min. 59 sec
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Peggy Higgins
4. Blue Light
Designed to be used before going in for the exam, this exercise helps you develop a positive mental attitude using proven techniques of breathing and visualization.
3 min. 54 sec.
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