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These DMV practice test questions will prepare you for your state's official knowledge exam for learner's permit, driver's license, or Senior Citizens' Refresher Test. All questions are based on the official DMV manual for your state. Driving-Tests.org increases your chances of passing the DMV written test by 73% (based on a survey of 500+ visitors to the DMV).

Easy (est. 250 questions)
  • 01
    6 DMV Practice Tests~250 q80% required to pass
  • 02
    Easy Marathon~250 q100% required to pass
Hard (est. 250 questions)
Hardest (est. 95 questions)
  • 05
    3 DMV Practice Tests~95 qFines & limits, distracted driving
  • 06
    Hardest Marathon~250 q100% required to pass
Exam Simulator (est. 50 questions)
  • 07
    Just Like The Real DMV Test~50 q80% required to pass
Behind the wheel (est. 115 questions)
  • 05
    5 DMV Practice Tests~115 qRoads skills, Virtual 360° Situations
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