TX DMV Practice Tests

Based on the official 2018 TX driver's manual

    Easy (200 questions)
    Hard (249 questions)
    Hardest (95 questions)
    Exam Simulator
    Behind-the-wheel portion of the exam
    (124 questions)
    en Español

    TX CDL Practice Tests

    Based on the official 2018 TX CDL manual

    Special Requirements
    General Knowledge (380 questions)
    Hazardous Materials (102 questions)
    School Bus (72 questions)
    Passenger Vehicles (67 questions)
    Air Brakes (119 questions)
    Combination Vehicles (99 questions)
    Double/Triple Trailers (60 questions)
    Tanker Vehicles (61 questions)
    Pre-Trip Inspection (60 questions)

    TX Manuals

    The most recent official TX driver's manuals (car, motorcycle, and CDL)

    en Español
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