New Jersey Motorcycle Manual Online 2024

New Jersey Motorcycle Manual Online 2024

Freedom, leisure, economical operating costs and convenience are just some of the advantages that motorcyclists enjoy over drivers of four-wheeled vehicles.

In the state of New Jersey, there are a number of requirements that prospective motorcyclists must meet before heading out on the road. These are introduced briefly in this article.

New Jersey Motorcycle License

The state considers a motorcycle to be a motor bike, a bicycle with an attached motor or any type of motor-operated bicycle or tricycle. However, a motorized bicycle is not considered a motorcycle. Any resident of New Jersey wishing to operate a motorcycle needs to have a specific NJ motorcycle driver license or a motorcycle endorsement on their existing basic/commercial license.

New Jersey Driver Manual

The state Motor Vehicle Commission puts out a driver manual that includes a chapter entirely devoted to motorcycle-related safety information and operating rules (available separately below). Some important concepts contained in this chapter include:

Test Your Knowledge!

Once you feel confident that you’ve prepared enough, the state Motor Vehicle Commission offers a sample knowledge test for you to assess your knowledge. Some questions that you’ll be expected to know include:

If you’re ready, you can take the written knowledge test and vision test. Once you’ve passed these tests, you can get a permit for practice riding on NJ roads.

The Road Test

The road test ensures that applicants have the practical skills to ensure safe, responsible motorcycle operation in real-life conditions. The road test places emphasis on the following motorcycle skills:

New Jersey Motorcycle Manual Online 2024

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