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Free Wisconsin DMV Motorcycle Practice Test 2024 | WI

Based on 2024 WI motorcycle operator manualAvailable in EN, ES Instant feedback
6mistakes allowed
80%passing score

Here is our free practice test for those studying to get their Wisconsin Motorcycle Endorsement. Although completing this practice test will not result in your motorcycle license, it is an excellent study tool that can be used in preparation for the Wisconsin state test. All of the practice questions on this test are based on the information found in the Wisconsin Motorcyclists’ Handbook. For best results on our practice test, read and study the manual thoroughly before answering our questions. Just like the state exam, all of our questions are multiple-choice. For each question there will be four different answers to choose from, but only one answer is correct! Carefully read all the choices before choosing the one you think is best. If you have trouble with a question, you can read the unique hint for that question to help you choose your answer. If you choose an incorrect answer, we’ll show you the right one and give you an explanation. To pass our practice test, you will need to answer 21 of the 25 questions correctly. Good luck!

What to expect on the actual WI motorcycle permit test

How many questions25
How many correct answers to pass20
Passing score80%
Minimum age to apply16

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