Nebraska Motorcycle Manual Online 2024

Nebraska Motorcycle Manual Online 2024

The State of Nebraska’s Department of Motor Vehicles is dedicated to helping applicants prepare for the motorcycle exam, but more importantly, it’s concerned that there are safe, responsible riders on the road.

Nebraska’s DMV has released a Nebraska Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, which is designed as a supplement to the Nebraska Driver’s Manual. It’s recommended that prospective motorcyclists carefully review both manuals.

Nebraska Motorcycle Laws

In Nebraska, a motorcycle is defined as any motor vehicle that has a seat or saddle for the driver that is designed to travel on no more than three wheels. Other motorcycle-specific laws include:

Getting the Motorcycle License

The licensing process in Nebraska is not unlike other states. It involves both a written knowledge test and a practical skills test. The knowledge test is based on information, techniques and practices that are in the Nebraska Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. The objective of the test is to ensure that you are familiar with the road rules and understand safe riding practices.

Careful review of the NE Manual will ensure your success on the knowledge test. The Manual involves the following components:

Are you ready?

After close study of the Nebraska Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, you should be able to answer the following practice questions:

The answers to these questions and more are contained in your NE Motorcycle Manual. What are you waiting for? Start reading the manual!

Nebraska Motorcycle Manual Online 2024

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