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OR CDL General Knowledge Exam Simulator 2024

10mistakes allowed
80%passing score

Traveling to the Oregon DMV isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a great time. There are lines to wait in and paperwork to fill out. But one thing you can do for yourself is to limit your visit to obtain a commercial driver’s license to just one day. How do you do that? First, have all your paperwork in order. While a valid current driver’s license and proof of citizenship or permanent legal residency is commonplace enough, the Oregon DMV also asks that you provide a Medical Examiner’s Certificate. This certificate, also known as a DOT card is demonstrable proof that you are physically qualified to drive a commercial vehicle in the great state of Oregon. In order to get one you need to appeal to a licensed medical examiner as listed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry, so your own doctor may not quite cut it. Certification lasts two years unless the examiner feels you have a condition that needs monitoring, like high blood pressure. Then you have to line up your knowledge base. The General Knowledge exam is no picnic. It’s a 50 question multiple choice test that you have only an hour to complete. Get less than 80% (that’s over 10 wrong) and you’ll washout and have to come back another day. So, we suggest studying, first by picking up the official Oregon Commercial Driver’s License Manual, and then applying the facts in there to our CDL General Knowledge practice tests. Our practice exams are almost exactly like the real thing, and with hints and tracking to show where you need extra work, our tests will give you the confidence you need to face the real thing. Start studying today!

Perfect for

  • First-time OR CDL and CLP applicants
  • CDL holders adding endorsements
  • OR CDL renewal applicants
OR commercial driver's license

What to expect on the actual OR DMV exam

How many questions50
How many correct answers to pass40
Passing score80%

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