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Free Hawaii DMV Permit Practice Test 2024 | HI

Based on 2024 HI driver's license manual Available in EN, ES, RU Instant feedback
8mistakes allowed
80%passing score

This Hawaii DMV practice test has just been updated for May 2024 and covers 40 of the most essential road signs and rules questions. Getting your learner’s permit or driver’s license in Hawaii requires passing a general knowledge test based on the information contained in the 2024 Hawaii Driver’s Manual. The test will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions and you must answer at least 24 of them correctly to receive a passing score. Some counties may offer the exam in languages other than English and some counties, such as the county of Hawaii, may offer an oral form of the test (which requires paying an extra fee). Unlike some other states, fees may vary based on the county in which you reside, so while the written test fee is $1 in Hawaii County, it is $5 in Maui County. Some counties only accept checks and cash, no debit or credit cards, so ask before you go. If you are attempting to get a learner’s permit, you must be at least 15 years and six months of age and have a parent or guardian’s permission. This Hawaii permit practice test has 40 multiple-choice questions that will help you determine if you have studied the driver’s manual enough, and which areas you may need to study more.

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Perfect for

  • Hawaii Learner’s Permit
  • Hawaii Driver’s License
  • HI Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test
  • HI Driver’s License Renewal.
HI DMV driver's license

What to expect on the actual HI DMV exam

How many questions30
How many correct answers to pass24
Passing score80%
Minimum age to apply for Class 3 Instruction Permit15 ½

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Hawaii Learner's Permit Test FAQs in 2024

Can the permit test be taken online?

No, in Hawaii, the permit test must be taken in person at a local DMV office. Online testing for the permit is not available.

How much does it cost to obtain a driver's permit?

The cost for a driver's permit in Hawaii varies by county, but it typically ranges from $10 to $15. It's advisable to check with your local DMV for the exact fee.

When is it possible to get a learner's permit?

In Hawaii, you can obtain a learner's permit at the age of 15 and a half. However, you must meet the necessary requirements, including passing a written knowledge test.

Can I renew my permit online?

Renewal of a learner's permit in Hawaii typically requires a visit to the DMV office. Online renewal options are not generally available for learner's permits.

Can I get my driver's license at 18 without a prior permit?

In Hawaii, if you are 18 or older, you can apply for a driver's license without first holding a learner's permit. You still need to pass all required tests, including the written and road tests.

Are there any restrictions when driving with a learner's permit?

With a learner's permit in Hawaii, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old and seated in the front passenger seat. Driving is allowed only during specific hours unless accompanied by a licensed parent or guardian.

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List of questions (classic view)

  1. The minimum age to obtain a driver's license in Hawaii is
  2. An octagonal (eight-sided) red sign is
  3. What does this traffic sign mean?
  4. If your vehicle's directional signals fail, use _________ until you can have them repaired.
  5. When moving slower than other traffic, you should drive in the
  6. You must not drive on the left half of the roadway when you are
  7. This exclusion sign indicates that
  8. This sign indicates
  9. You are in heavy traffic and there is an emergency vehicle right behind you, its lights flashing. What should you do?
  10. What does this sign indicate?
  11. You may not pass another vehicle except
  12. While driving, if you see this sign, you should
  13. All regulatory devices on the road tell you
  14. When you see a flashing yellow signal at an intersection, you should
  15. Flag persons are often located on highways and in work zones
  16. If you strike an unattended vehicle, you should
  17. Traffic accidents resulting in property damage of _________ or more must be reported to the police immediately.
  18. In this figure, the single dashed white line indicates
  19. Drivers under the age of ____ with a blood alcohol content level of 0.02% or more are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle.
  20. While driving, if you need to read a map or directions, you should
  21. Which of the following is NOT considered to be a defensive driving technique?
  22. If you do not wear a seat belt, your chances of being killed will be _________ greater if you are thrown from the vehicle.
  23. Always use _________ to exit a roundabout.
  24. The law requires you to signal for at least _________ before you start to change lanes.
  25. It is NOT safe to pass
  26. All motor vehicles operated on public highways must have an official Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection (PMVI) at least once
  27. Two-way left turn channelization markings are a combination of __________ in the center of a roadway. They mark a lane in the center of the roadway to make left turns.
  28. Statistics show that drivers _________ have more accidents than drivers in other age groups.
  29. If your brakes have become less effective because of water or rain, apply _________ until proper braking action has been restored.
  30. If you park downhill on a road with a curb, turn your front wheels
  31. _________ should never be used while the vehicle is moving.
  32. What does this sign mean?
  33. When the weight on a vehicle's trailer hitch is too small,
  34. When you drive behind a motorcycle, allow at least a _________ following distance.
  35. What does this traffic sign mean?
  36. To control your speed on steep downgrades, you should
  37. _________ is a driving technique in which you identify dangerous driving situations and take action to defend against the danger before an accident can occur.
  38. The right lane on a freeway should remain as open as possible for
  39. This warning sign indicates
  40. Your license can be renewed within ________ before the expiration date.