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OK SOK Test Simulator: Exam Mode 2024

10mistakes allowed
80%passing score

Rolling in to get a cattleman’s steak is much easier if you have a ride and an official Oklahoma Driver’s License. In order to get it, however, you’ll have to pass a relatively tricky 50 question exam. You could just look over the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual, but the odds of passing on your first try with the manual alone are only about 50-50. Our premium study prep material comes with a guarantee that you will pass on your first attempt or your money back. The interactive materials give you hints and tricks to allow you to learn and retain the rules of the Oklahoma roads. With our question bank, you’ll get the knowledge you need in no time. Then there’s just one more step, actually going to the DPS. But before you do, consider using our Simulated Exam Mode to get a better feel for exactly how the test might come at you. Do you suffer from any nervousness at all when you take a test? Then experiencing as close to real-time conditions will help you feel confident that you will be able to pass.

Perfect for

  • Oklahoma Learner’s Permit
  • Oklahoma Driver’s License
  • OK Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test
  • OK Driver’s License Renewal.
OK SOK driver's license

What to expect on the actual OK SOK exam

How many questions50
How many correct answers to pass40
Passing score80%
Minimum age to apply for Class D Learner License (Permit)15 ½

Unlock all 650+ exam-like questions for Oklahoma. Pass Guarantee

650 trickiest questions you'll likely see on the official exam cover every topic you'll be tested on, including the most challenging questions most people get wrong.

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