Have a Safe Trip: Top 6 Essential Driving Tips for New Drivers

Have a Safe Trip: Top 6 Essential Driving Tips for New Drivers

Have you just gotten your driver’s license, or are you getting ready to take your road test? If so, you have probably taken at least a few driver’s training classes, and you have learned a lot about how to handle yourself while you are out on the road. Even so, there are always things you can learn, and there are always all kinds of things that really do bear repeating.

When it comes to driving a vehicle, you can never be too safe, and if it means hearing the same tips over and over again, so be it. The more you hear the basic driving tips, the sooner they are going to become second nature to you, and you will end up being an excellent driver.

If you are a new driver, there are all kinds of things that you need to learn. Obviously, you need to learn everything you can about the automobile you are going to be using most of the time. You should also find out about insurance, as you are going to need it. Do you have your own car, or do you drive your parents’ car? These will be things that will be taken into consideration when you apply for insurance. You may even be covered by your parents’ insurance, at least for as long as you are living in the family home or going to an accredited school.

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Here are a few of the top basic driving tips for new drivers:

Top 6 Basic Driving Tips For New Drivers

  1. 1

    Know Your Vehicle

    Make sure before you drive any vehicle that you are not used to driving that you familiarize yourself with all of the controls. Learn where the signal lights are, and check to make sure that all of the lights are working before heading out, especially if you are going to be driving at night. If you are pulled over, you may be asked to show that everything is in proper working order, so it is best to make sure ahead of time.

    It is also advisable to understand the dashboard and its symbols. The following video guide will help you with it.

  2. 2

    Always Have Maps in Your Vehicle

    You should make sure that if you are going to be driving out of town that you have road maps. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have a road map of your own city or town. You may think that you know where you are going, but it is quite easy to get lost when you are driving, especially if you are used to being the passenger, as you see things from an entirely different view point. If you have maps, you will be able to figure out where you are if you are lost, and how to get back on a more familiar road.

  3. 3

    Safety Kit – A Must for Every Car

    Make sure that you have a safety kit in your vehicle at all times. There are many things that you should have in your safety kit. You never know when you are going to break down somewhere or have an accident, and if you are not on a highly traveled road, it may be some time before you can get help. Your safety kit should include flashlights and batteries, road flares, jumper cables, a spare tire, a tire iron, other tools, kitty litter (for traction if you are stuck in the snow), a tin can and some candles (to melt snow and ice that can build up beneath your tires), oil, windshield washer fluid and coolant. You should also have a blanket, a couple of bottles of water, and some snacks, since you may be stuck for a few hours. Also, make sure that you are always carrying your cell phone with you when you are driving.

  4. 4

    Pay Attention to All Road Signs

    There are many roads that have different speed limits at different sections of the roads, and this is something that you really need to pay attention to. Also make sure that you pay attention to any other traffic signs you see, and obey all parking signs.

    parking signs
    Pay close attention to these signs

    The last thing you want is to park your car somewhere, go into a store for a few minutes, and come out to find a ticket on your car, or even worse, that your car has been towed away for being parked illegally.

  5. 5

    No Cell Phones While Driving

    Don’t use your cell phone while driving. This is dangerous, and even if you think you are the best multi-tasker in the world, there is no way that you can keep your concentration on more than one thing at a time. You need to make sure that all of your concentration is saved for your driving. Not only should you never talk on your cell phone while you are driving, you also need to remember never to send or read text messages while you are driving. There are too many young people killed every year because they looked away to check their messages.

  6. 6

    Pay Attention to Your Driving, Not Your Friends!

    Sure, when you have your driver’s license, it is great, because you can drive your friends all over the place. Just make sure that you are not too busy talking and having fun with your friends to pay attention to the road ahead of you. Don’t play the stereo too loud either. This can be really distracting, and if you are paying attention to a really cool song, you may not be paying enough attention to your driving.

You can enjoy the newfound freedom you feel when you first get your driver’s license, as long as you make sure that you are being careful not to enjoy it too much.

Leave your cell phone turned off until you can pull over somewhere, and have a safety kit in the trunk in case of emergency. You should always be prepared for anything, and make sure that you are paying attention to what you are doing, and you will always get from point A to point B safely.

You can also check the following video for 10 small tips that can make a difference for a new driver.

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